Depeche View

Depeche View

Powerful text searcher for thousands of your files


  • Indexes documents instantly
  • Searches in real time
  • Helps find words amongst hundreds of documents


  • Interface is very basic


There's nothing more annoying than when you've forgotten in which document or file you came across or typed a certain word but can no longer remember where it is.

Depeche View fast search tool allows you to search multiple text files all at once without you needing a clue where you stored a word. It instantly loads all text file content from a folder into your memory meaning it's all indexed and ready to be searched at a moment's notice. The developers claim you can search up to 30,000 files in just 3 seconds which is a pretty amazing amount.

Depeche View will either find as you type, copy or bookmark text with a single click or analyze huge amounts of Open Source code in real time which makes it a useful tool for developers too. Access is easy too - you can just select a word, hold down shift and click and Depeche View will search for it instantly. Or, if you if you want to stay with one piece of text and search multiple words as you go through it in a second window, you can just perform a right mouse click.

Depeche View is a great tool for those that are always forgetting where they saw or typed a word and have thousands of documents on their PC.

Depeche View


Depeche View

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